Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment at Bliss Recovery

Bliss Recovery offers a luxury prescription drug addiction treatment program that blends the serenity of the Hollywood Hills with comprehensive care and support. Our facility provides a calming environment to embark on your journey to recovery. With private accommodations, gourmet meals, and holistic therapies, we focus on healing your body, mind, and soul.

Understanding Prescription Drug Addiction and Its Effects

Prescription drug addiction refers to the compulsive use and dependence on medications prescribed by healthcare professionals. These drugs often serve to alleviate pain, manage symptoms, or improve one’s overall well-being. However, misuse and addiction to these substances can lead to detrimental effects on an individual’s health and life.

Why People Use Prescription Drugs and Get Addicted to Them

Prescription drug addiction frequently begins with legitimate medical needs, such as pain management, anxiety relief, or other medical issues. Over time, people may misuse these medications due to a desire for the euphoric effects they produce, emotional relief, or to self-medicate. This pattern can quickly spiral into addiction.

Identifying Prescription Drug Addiction

Recognizing prescription drug addiction is the first step to seeking help. Common signs include a growing tolerance to the medication, an obsession with obtaining and using the drug, withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuation, and neglecting responsibilities, such as work or family life.

Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction can manifest through various symptoms. These may include increased cravings, uncontrollable use, social withdrawal, changes in personal hygiene, and altered sleep patterns. In some cases, individuals may engage in risky behaviors to acquire more of the substance.

Types Of Prescription Drug Addictions That We Treat

Every year seems to bring a new type of prescription pill addiction, as people continue to find different types of pharmaceutical drugs to abuse. At our prescription drug addiction treatment program in California, our experienced medical staff and substance abuse counselors are highly trained to treat addictions to a wide range of prescription drugs, including, but not limited to:

  1. Adderall
  2. Ambien
  3. Ativan
  4. Klonopin
  5. Ketamine
  6. OxyContin
  7. Valium
  8. Vicodin
  9. Xanax

Your Path to Recovery Starts Here

Your journey to recovery begins with medically supervised detox, a multi-day process that eliminates the lingering effects of drugs from your body. Following detox, you’ll participate in a holistic treatment plan designed to rejuvenate your overall well-being. Our comprehensive approach includes yoga, acupuncture, massage, and various outdoor activities. You’ll also have access to both group and individual therapy sessions, providing you with the tools to achieve lasting recovery.

Don’t let drug addiction control your life any longer. Take the first step toward recovery and a brighter future by contacting us today at (323) 798-4411. Bliss Recovery is dedicated to providing the guidance, care, and support necessary for you to overcome addiction and embrace a life filled with wellness and freedom.